I can't do only co-washes either, or I do some and wash with a mild shampoo in between. Pretty much all products I use "sit on top" of my hair. It doesn't seem to get "sucked up" by it much at all, so my hair really gets weird feeling pretty fast on just co-washes.

Cremes, gels...leave-ins really weigh it down and it feels dirty kinda. Probably because it doesn't go in to the strands much. So I have to use very little amounts. I have used my conditioner as a leave in, and it isn't a very rich/heavy conditioner. Have to use a very small amount of it also. Then I am right now using jojoba oil, 1-2 drops, to get some definition and fight frizz. I always have frizz, mainly halo frizz. Fine strands and low porosity I am guessing.

I am going to try doing deep treatments like you do, and maybe it will really help with moisturizing the hair. How often do you do DT's? And with what? I am pondering using coconut oil. I have some allergies and react to many products (itches, get all red and warm), so I like to use natural unscented stuff. Few ingredients.

I can't layer products much really. The tiny amount of conditioner and few drops of oil works most days, but with other products my hair looks like a mess. And really weighed down. Takes forever to dry.

I have a mix of medium and fine strands. Tricky to style... I tried Curl Keeper, but my hair gets really stringy.

Thanks for posting.
3a, low porosity, medium & fine texture, high density...

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