so now i have to fight to get gas. its getting real out here in nj

the lines are hour and plus. I will try after work again.
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If you can hold off and limit driving then I would wait as long as I could. After hurricanes some stations here ration and they won't let you get but $20 worth. You burn more gas waiting in line to get gas. The only thing that helps me is I have access to a company car. It is mandatory we fill up before storm then after storm the corporate office will bring in their own gas supply.
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I drive 20 miles each way to work. The office is running on generator so Im going in to work and use power and charge my devices. My son is with me at work because school is closed. We have no power at home but we do have heat
I have 1/4 tank of gas and not sure if Im getting some tonight. We have to eat out every night or try to cook in the dark and make one meal that will last because we cant save it

Im tired of noodles , we had hot dogs last night ( halal beef , yum) which was a nice change but a sister is TIRED!

The nearest hotel is in ny that isnt filled and $499 a night......umm
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Sorry sister. That is rough with that long drive. I hope you get gas and power soon.
I have taken a sleeping bag and pillow to work and slept over in a dark corner many a time. I soak up their generator. There is a kitchen with a stove and fridge. Only down side is no shower so have to take heaux baths. My job doesn't mind us choosing to stay overnight sometimes because at other times we are required to stay overnight. While it sucks being at the job site that long it could save you a lot of hassle and money. If there is no kitchen then take your George Foreman and you'll be straight.
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