I use a dt once a week. I just add oils and honey to gvpcb. If you have a conditioner you like that does not irritate you, you can just add oils and honey to it to make it more moisturizing.

As for curl keeper, it can give me stringy curls, but I scrunch out water with a microfiber towel before applying curl keeper, which keeps it from getting stringy.

I have found oils to be disastrous in my hair, unless they are added into some other product. They give me very stringy curls. How do you add them?
Also, oils do Weigh my hair down. I think this is because it traps the water underneath it, which in turn weighs down my hair, and makes it take even longer to dry.

You may want to try a mousse or a foam for styling. Mousses don't work for me, but the DevaCurl volumizing foam works really well. It does not weigh my hair down at all.

You could try skipping the oil, scrunching out water then adding a little bit of product. I think it is mostly about experimenting.

Also, since you have fine/medium hair, you could try a protein treatment. These perk up my curls and cut back on frizz, which allows me to use way less product.
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Thanks for the DT tips. I'll give it a try (adding honey and oil to my conditioner).

I leave in some of my conditioner and put 1-2 drops of oil at the ends of my hair mostly. Hold in the frizz. 2 drops can sometimes be too much, but my hair only reaches my chin (growing out a real bad cut). It is a very fine line with the oil. Coconut hasn't worked: too rich. It is so easy to get too much.
I have way better results if I put it in my hsir while it is wet than dry for some reason.

I could use flax seed gel in the fall, but haven't found anything good but the oil for winter.
Generally my hair is not as happy in the winter when it is below freezing. Hoping DT can help with that..

I am not able to handle any of the DevaCurl or DevaCare products I have tried so far. No-Poo worked the best, the rest gave me allergy issues. Most likely can't handle the mousse. : p

I have never done a protein treatment. Going to look in to that. : ) I have heard most have to do a DT just after. What is your experience with that?
3a, low porosity, medium & fine texture, high density...

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