I usually get compliments for my hair, but some of them are really weird...

I did a photo shoot in June, and the lady doing my hair just looked at it for about a minute, before saying "Excuse me, but... are you African?". If I had been any paler, I would have been translucent, so clearly (and sadly) the answer was no. "Oh..." she said, and then "Brazilian then?" I said "no, I'm Norwegian, sorry". Another minute passed with her only eying my hair, then she sighed and said "Well, it's certainly... unique."

My flatmate had his father over, who, after I had left the room, burst out into a tirade about how curly hair was so horrible and looked so unprofessional, and stated how I would never ever get a job with hair like that. He didn't know I could hear him... I actually felt more sad for his son, who's "closet curly"

Other comments...
"You look ugly with curls, you should get rid of them."
"You should SO get someone new to do your hair."
"Oh crap... Can we get a wig for this one, please?!?" (on the set of a commercial)
"Doesn't it feel bad when you never brush your hair?" (no, I feel worse when I brush it and it looks like I've been hit by lightning actually...)
"I would love to have curls like yours... for, like, one night."
"It's so simple for you, I have to do my hair before going out, curly hair looks messy no matter what you do to it!"

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