I will try the SuperSoaker method tomorrow. I have a feeling it was "plopping" that ruined it so horribly, co-wash is definitely what I need, My mother and all my aunts have curly hair, they taught me to just use the conditioner and it made my hair so much better!

But I genuinely want to cut my hair now, I've always been one for drastic cuts and now in this heat it's the perfect time!
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plopping doesnt work for me either, in germany or in australia, i just wrap my hair up to stop it dripping, but generaly plopping is a massive no no for me.
mmmm somthing else that i do: a vinegar rinse. i do this to remove hard water build up, again somthing that i have in germany but not australia.
i add lots of herbs to it, and make like a tea, let it sit till cold then i strain it and add a *splash* of ACV and use it as a final rinse. so i dont rinse it out i just leave it in to dry. the smell goes away as it dries.
also have you tried to seal? sometimes that helps with fizz as well.

my hair: 3b, high porosity, high density and coarse hair (i think i finally figured that all out)
my hair loves conditioner only styling!
Oils and my own procuts are my hairs best friend
my hair goal length is bra strap length when curly.