I wish I could stay at the office but Bergen County in NJ isnt hearing that. Hell, Bergen county is down , nothing is open but US and the gas stations. Our office doesnt have couches and things like that, Its mostly chairs here and there. I carpooled with a couple of friends today. My gas light came on yesterday.

Keeny its like that everywhere with the police. Two blocks over has lights, then next block , no lights, Stop lights are out, people are fighting , stealing gas and going crazy. Gas lines are 3 miles long on the Parkway.

Its a reallllll crazy situation. If I dont get gas this weekend, Im stranded as far as work unless I can carpool or find a working internet to work from home.
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thats crazy, what are employers doing if people cant get gas and cant get in to work?? youd think theyd be understanding of what just happened id hope so i didnt realize how bad it was i just watched cnn for thr first time since sun yesterday and was in shock
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