My hair is breaking now. Really noticed today while detangling. Theres small strands that are thin on the ends with no bulb at the top, or not that i can see and longer ones that i cant find a bulb on either. Idk anymore. I deep condition with a medium protein treatment overnight two times a week and use tresemme naturals moisturizing conditioner as a leave in and shampoo once or twice a week with giovanni triple treat shampoo and idk. Thats really it when it comes to my routine. I dont get it. Its stressing me out seeing the breakage when im trying SO hard.

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You might be using too much protein. Try going a week or two without the protein treatment. Try a moisturizing deep treatment instead. Do you know your hair properties?
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i dont have a protein free one. That's why ive been asking around about the purification masque and trying to find one that is free of protein or low.
I believe it's normal porosity, different on the ends from dying and because they're older ect, high density, medium strands. 3b.

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