I am so sorry and distressed to hear about what is happening to you all. I want to do something to help. Please let me know what I can do.
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Send me a naked FINE man to my house lol

Thanks so much for the offer but unless you have a gas truck that so happens to float down my street your prayers are enough.

Compared to some folks we are doing excellent. I just need these gas stations to open fully.
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The storm danger is over but after that comes the crime danger. Some good people lose their minds at times like these and some bad people take advantage of the situation. Be careful. After Katrina my complex had two incidents. Someone tried to steal my neighbor's generator one night and she ran out there with a gub. Then someone tried to break in my place in broad daylight but ran off because he almost got caught. My neighbors put up a large sign that said "we shoot looters" and believe me they meant it.

BTW how about a fine naked gas truck driver at your door to fill your tank? He will make a gourmet meal then after he rubs your feet, he will wash your hair and feed you chocolates.
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At this point you could send Snape and as long as he had some gas he could get it.
James Baldwin
A Talk To Teachers
one of the paradoxes of education [is] that precisely at the point when you begin to develop a conscience, you must find yourself at war with your society. It is your responsibility to change society