I'm assuming KCCC has humectants as well and that's why my hair loved it in the summer. However, once cold weather hit I noticed my hair was drier in the crown and around the front of my face. Not a significant amount but enough for ME to notice.
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Yeah, it has agave nectar. I personally don't like to single out one ingredient as the cause of like or dislike of a product or the deciding factor on performance. But humectants in a higher concentration in a product being used in a climate where the dew is low will produce those kind of results. You can just seal with an anti-humectant to counteract the effect if you don't want to switch out your products.
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I never thought of that. Would you mind naming some on the ground anti-humectants for me?
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Anything that has occlusive ("sealants") ingredients in it (oils, butters, silicones, etc) is fair game. It's up to you.
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