I have similar hair properties! Only difference is that I'm medium density. I agree with the statements about protein - my hair likes it. Like some others, my hair also rebukes most oils and shea butter for being too heavy. I recently revisited jojoba and instead of doing the L.O.C. method I switched it up and have been doing O.L.S. (oil, leave in, styler) and so far I'm liking the results. It really depends on the look I'm going for that determines what styler I use. I like Marie Deans mango cupuacu pudding for wet TO/BO's. On dry hair I prefer QB's twisting butter (a teeny bit goes a long way). I will say I don't use a lot of natural products - my hair doesn't seem to care for them with the exception of the two I just named. I almost forgot.. Oiudad's intense curl cream is another styler I'm fond of though a bit pricy. Hth!!