While this may disappoint you, I must say that a lot of us don't get any results with KCCC as a styler, as well as Eco, simply because they're too strong of a hold, cause crunchiness, and/or leave residue.

Currently, I use CHS-CK (Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper), and it works relatively well, assuming my hair has a good amount of conditioner in it. It's a very light gel, compared to the one I used before, but I love the lack of crunch.

When I tried aloe vera gel, I got dryness and greasiness (to this day, I'm not sure how that was possible). And twists? Yeah, I can't do them. I get incredible tangle and knots and what-not. Disaster, I tell you, and I hate making them and taking them out because my hair takes forever to dry, and the only product that helps with the twists is not so nose-friendly.

So anyway, to get to the recommendation part.

Does your hair like protein? Is it fine? Coarse? Porous? Those properties are more important than curl pattern.

When my hair was shorter, I really liked TN coated on top of my hair (I used conditioner-only styling, and it worked fine), but I think they changed the formula. Grr.

How much natural definition do you have, by the way? Try soaking your hair (like seaweed consistency), covering it with the SM curl definer, leaving the definer in for some time, then rinsing it and putting in some KBB, using your hands to cup the curls close to your scalp and gently squeezing to get shape.

Then, when your hair is damp (as opposed to dripping wet), seal your ends with coconut oil?

Wooah. Just realized that was rather elaborate.

Well, YMMV, so adjust it how you like. I get the best definition when I conditioner style well my hair is soaking wet. Sometimes I add gel while its soaking wet as well, then less touching is required while damp (which means less frizz for me).
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