I tried doing a DT today with coconut oil. With some heat. Was kinda itchy (not allergy) when it was on and a bit hard to get out. Had to wash twice with mild shampoo and then I DT-ed a bit with my conditioner.
Wasn't expecting much but my hair has been happy today.

I am wondering though, how effective is it to DT and then have to shampoo after? Will it neutralize the moisture boost?
Might have been just the post-shampoo DT that did the trick...but my hair seemed so soft after washing the oil out...
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I do what you did on dry hair but with EVOO. It and coconut oil can penetrate hair shaft. It can be itchy but I follow with a shampoo. a strong one so no need to do it twice. Actually many of us call this prepooing. It keeps the shampoo from being as stripping and lessens tangles. After shampoo i do my dc which i don't leave long or I get OC. Rinse out. Then go to li and styler.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.