Way to go, Bobby I love your attitude! You have great curls, I am dying of envy! lol...wish I had those nice tight ringlets. betcha you were a really cute baby! I am certain your curls were your mother's pride
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Thank you, Maddy. I am blushing as we speak. You have gorgeous hair as well. When I was 14 I went three months without getting my haircut and had the 'fro going with lots of curls but I kind of grew to hate it so I wore it cropped tight the next 20 years before growing them out again seven years ago. Again, it took watching fellow males go bald for me to appreciate having curls again. I've lost some hair as well but not a ton. I even had someone ask me if my hair was permed. Uh yeah, I'm going to spend money to get my hair to do something it can do on its own.

"Curls aren't just for girls."