Sooo...I know I'm really late to this game, but wayyyy down thread a couple of you mentioned eyeshadows breaking. I don't remember who told me this, but I remember being told that with the majority of eyeshadows, if they break all you need to do is scrape all the shadow out of the well, crush it up finely, then make a paste out of the powder mixed with sterile saline solution or eye drops and pack it tightly back into well, let it dry and it should be good as new. I've had my Mary Kay eyeshadows break and have always been able to save them by doing this.

And on to my random thought processes for the butt crack of dawn because I can't sleep: I'm thinking I should care a whole hell of a lot more about lipstick or lip color...but I tend to bite my lips and eat it all off within one hour of putting it on. And I have weirdly shaped lips that never hold a lipstick, lip liner or lip stain without jumping the borders, so lip balm is all I use to prevent chapping from biting my lips.

Also, I should get my permanent makeup retouched. My eyeliner has faded to a point where it looks gone in patches. I could also use a darker color on my lips (lipless wonder here with little to no natural pigment on my lips originally). At least my eyebrows are holding up for the most part, though they could use a touch up, too.

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