A few thoughts:

I didn't see you list any shampoo/low-poo. Does this mean you have been strictly co-washing? If you haven't already, you might want to clarify in case some of the frizz you're seeing is related to product. A lot of wavies have trouble with conditioner-only cleansing and need to use a low-poo or a gentle sulfate shampoo once in a while.

Have you tried a more moisturizing LO? KCKT is awesome for detangling, but not very moisturizing. One of the main curl enhancing ingredients in Re:Coil is magnesium sulfate (epsom salt), which some people find drying. I love Re:Coil, but I always pair it with a richer LI.

In terms of minimizing frizz, I've always done better with gel than without, but I know from experience that finding the right one can be frustrating. Have you considered Biotera Gel (at Sally's)? It has a thinner consistency than BRHG but better hold than AnGell. It also seems to play well with every product I've paired it with.

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