I've recently (over the past couple months) started to get really bad matted hair. Like if I pick up a tiny piece, all of my hair is picked up with it.
I detangle my hair usually every two or three days with a wide tooth comb and coconut oil. (when I detangle with conditioner in the shower it seems like twice as much hair comes out and it takes way longer.)

Anyways one day it got REALLY bad and after I finally got it out my hair looks so unbelievably damaged.

I have a phobia almost of hairdressers for a trim...

Have no clue what to do.

Ideas plz?
Mostly 3b with 3a and 3c underneath
Layered but mostly BSL (Hip length when straight)
Conditioner: As I am Cowash, OR Tresseme Naturals OR Shea Moisture Masque.

Style: KC Knot Today+ a TINY bit Shea Moisture Curl Smoothie.
2nd-6th day hair: Spritz with a mixture of Aloe Vera Gel, Coconut Oil, and water.