Curl pattern: 3a with some 3b and 2c to make it interesting
Texture: baby fine
Porosity: low to medium
Density: thin side of normal
Elasticity: good
My hair is way frizzier since I've been CG, but my curl pattern is much stronger and tighter

Hair likes: Moisture! Coconut, shea, and more natural products.

Hair dislikes: most proteins (keratin is fine; soy and oat seem to be okay if they are WAY down in the list of ingredients), ANYTHING wheat-based, glycerin in any leave in products, still trying to figure out if other humectants are okay.

Climate: Seattle marine climate, rainy and cool with moderate dews year-round.

Product price: anything that works....although my DH wishes otherwise.

Possible hair twins: jsuzkelley (different climate), Cuban curl-e (different curl pattern but many of the same issues with products), dresdendoll
3a, baby fine i/ii, low to normal porosity, protein sensitive
Mod CG since 5/12, from rainy Western WA
dislikes: glycerin, wheat protein
Likes: moisture, Mag Sulfate
Poo: Elucence Moisture Acidifying Shampoo
Cond: CJCR, DB pumpkin seed, TJ TTT, Elucence MB
Protein: one & only Argan oil hydrating mask
Style: UFD curly magic, Sweet Curls Elixers flax seed cream and HHG (Etsy)

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