Hi Everyone,

I've just started with Co-washing and all good so far! Thing is though, I've still a good few products which work in my hair to use up that contain silicone, and whilst I do intend to banish it for good in the near future and go with a whole new range of products - budget isn't allowing just for now...
So - my question is, do I need to be using shampoo for every wash whilst I'm still using silicone styling products or can I stick to my co-washing with just the occasional shampoo?

Also curious if there are any of you out there who continue with silicone whilst using no poo method regularly and then just wash every so often to offset any build up, and if so how often do you shampoo?

I wash my hair around 2 - 3 times per week mostly.
I also was using a fair bit of hairspray - just Loreal Elvive, and wondered if no poo is enough to remove this sort of hairspray if I do go back to it on occasion (I just use it to add volume on top at the roots really)

Thanks for your help on this!!
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I use anything as a co-wash, sometimes Lopoo with Jessicurl or Moogoo. Like to use Coconot Oil weekly.
Hair likes a leave in Plus gel - I am a bit of a product junkie, so it varies a bit, but Deva Ultra Gel def works, and like KCKT and Darcy's products at the mo.

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