Hi everybody! Longtime lurker (~1.5 yrs), first time poster (yay ). My question is this: Do henna treatments change hair porosity? From what I've read, the dye coats the hair shaft, but will the dye keep the cutlicle layer closed? Will this change what I have to do to keep my hair moisturized? I've finally learned how to keep my hair moisturized but, I am considering doing henna treatments to cover my gray strands since they are becoming more noticeable to me. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Not in my experience, no. I haven't had to change anything since my henna treatments. Henna does help "smooth" the hair and keep moisture in the hair, but it's not so drastic as to change your porosity from high to low. If you're in the middle, you will still be in the middle. If you are high, you might notice that your hair holds on to moisture more easily. I find it highly unlikely that you will have to change your entire routine or anything like that.

As always, everyone's hair is different. That's just been my experience.
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I've been wondering about henna changing my hair's porosity as well. Heavier products (e.g. with more butters) now just "sit" on it... I love henna, but I'm wondering if I should look into routines of low-porosity curlies and test.

Any thoughts, ladies?
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