Hey guys. I'm new to this website but I've been lurking for quite some time. Here's my question. I bleached my hair about a year ago. Even though I did love it and continue to get compliments on it, I'm itching to return to my natural black/dark brown hair color.
I feel as though my curls were much softer before the bleach and the curl pattern was different. Now my hair is a big dried up mess and it takes more effort for my curls to have the effect I want.
I've attached two photos. I'm on the left. That Photo was probably in 2008. I believe it's my natural hair color or a black dye I can't remember. But you can see how different the curls are and much healthier.
The other photo is a recent one probably a month ago. You can see how unhealthy it is.
I'm thisclose to dying it black again. But I don't know if that will change my curl pattern even more. I'm not sure which brand or if I should use semi perm or permanent. I wet my hair regularly and condition every few days, so the semi perm wouldn't last as long as I would like. I really don't want to wait to grow it all out. That could possibly take 5+ years ha .

** I tried to add two photos but it looks like I could only add one ? Ill see when I post this. If only one shows ill try to add the other in comments.
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Yeah I didn't bother hiding my identity lol maybe I know some people on here ?
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