You have such beautiful hair in your siggy though! Don't give up yet!
Have you tried a scarf or headband to hold down the curlies?
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Thank you if it's ment for me lol. but no i don't have any accessories and couldn't budget it in this check. Idk if it'd help or not ;/

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Yes it was meant for you, lol. If you go to the dollar store when you get the chance you can pick up a headband or too. What I do when I cant seem to get the fly aways under control and I have a little voice in my head telling me to use a boar bristle brush and gel, is use a headband to smooth them back. The trick is getting a tight enough headband or something that can loop twice over your head. It will force the hair back and down sort of like when you do a puff. If you use a pomade too it works even better. I'm currently trying to perfect this myself so Ill let you know how it goes. Your hair is significantly long though so I'm positive there is probably a way to smooth the curls back.


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