researched the question about the women being able to shave and found the same quotes from probst stating that the women do not shave. he says they probably wax or get laser surgery and by day 25 the women do get hairy but the viewers perhaps can't tell.

a suvivor cameraman is interviewed:
Q: Are personal hygiene items allowed? The men obviously become bearded, but the women still look tan and shaven, and eyebrows plucked. Also, what about the disposal of feminine products in jungle type environs? Perhaps itís not as rugged as we are led to believe.
A: No hygiene items allowed, i.e. razors toothbrush tweezers. I am guessing that pads and the like go back in the med box in a trashbag for later disposal, not my dept. They aren`t being spoiled, believe it.
After a couple of weeks when everyone is detoxed from there north american diets, I notice that skin, hair and complexion get healthier looking for some, not all of course. Some of the contestants are natural beauties too, and then I imagine some do some serious waxing before they come on, and that would buy them a couple of weeks of seemingly decent hygiene, if that is what you mean
i'm still skeptical. i believe having sexy hot women on the show keeps male viewers and i think they shave the women.
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I am skeptical too. Even if I waxed my armpits they would not last 25 days. And not shampooing as we all now can have a break-in period where it sure does not look good.
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