Why must Whole Foods be so amazing? They finally opened one near me and we took a trip up there today. They don't call that place "Whole Paycheck" for nothing. I got a slice of fresh spinach pizza with asiago cheese It was all the way on point.

I can't wait for dinner. Salmon with steamed veggies and rice. Carrot cake for dessert. It's goin down!
Originally Posted by CocoT
Have you been to Mariano's?

Oh boy! It is whole paycheck quality...well I would say the fresh fish/meat sections is way better than Whole Paycheck without giving up the whole paycheck. It is still more expensive than Jewel or Dominick's but definitely my new home for our organic grocery shopping.

...i'm supersonic
Originally Posted by Chicago Kinks
No I've never been but since I'm gonna be downtown on Wednesday I'll check it out!
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