I am extremely lost, and my brain feels scrambled, after reading through the posts!

I recently figured out I have low porosity hair. As for my hair type, its so hard to say. When I was younger my hair was impossibly thick and course with tight spirals. I believe a thyroid condition caused quite a bit of my hair to fall out (luckily I had a lot to lose) and the curl pattern to loosen. I also used henna for years and years to color my hair. But, now I wonder if the reason my curls have become waves is that I am not caring for them properly!

Anyway, I would say I am a 3a at the moment, medium to high density, course. I wash my hair every few days, as if I don't, I end up with oily appearing hair (probably from products). I refresh with water on in between days and have to use a lot more product to tame the frizz. I do a ACV rinse every few weeks. Always, after ACV, my hair has way more body.
Lately my hair has been a hot mess. Frizzy, breakage, fly away, weak curls, and seems to never get clean after shampooing. Any product I use lingers which is how I came to find out I was LP. It feels as if the styling products (excepting straight Aloe Vera used sparingly) overwhelm my hair and causes it to hang lifelessly. Yet, if I dont use them my hair is puffy and fly away with no definition.

In reading through the posts I have realized my conditioner has cones and I need to do a BS/ACV treatment for sure...but I am lost on how to repair my hair and where to begin.
What conditioner do I now use? Any suggestions?
Do I avoid proteins?
Do I DC? With what? Can I do so before I do the BS treatment?
How often do I do the BS treatment?
Can your hair be low porosity and dry?
What styling products do you suggest?
No diffuser?
Do I use oils? I have always had difficulty getting them out of my hair when I do. How and when do you use them?

A few things: I really do not like to think about my beauty regime that much nor do I like to spend loads of money on products, nor do I like to spend time on the Internet researching products. I would love easy and inexpensive (and bonus points for natural) suggestions to add to arsenal.

My current products are:
Shikai shampoo
Rinse out conditioner: Davines Love
Styling: KC Curling Custard and KC Spiraling Spray
Leave in: Beautiful Curls
Hairspray: PM Fast Drying Sculpting Spray

I really really appreciate your advice! I just need to know where to begin when I need to wash my hair tomorrow!