My hair is a 2b/3a mix, but I like soft, flowy hair rather than hold and definition. I've been experimenting with conditioner only styling, and so far I really like it. Basically, all I do is wash my hair, leave some conditioner in, comb it through, and that's it. It's so simple, and I've been loving the results.
high porosity (from coloring)

Shampoo: Mop Top Gentle Shampoo
Co-wash: Chistophe Robin Lemon Cleansing Cream
RO: CJ strengthening, Kenra moisturizing
LI: Jessicurl Aloeba
DT: CJ rehab, Christophe Robin Prickly Pear Mask
PT: SS protein treatment, Ouidad 12 minute
Stylers: Jessicurl RR, SS Firm Hold Gel
Oils: caudalie, sweet almond