Ah, Furby. We meet again.

I had/have two furbies, the first of which my mom bought me in exchange for me pulling my own tooth so we wouldn't have to pay the dentist to do it. I kept them on a shelf directly over the middle of my bed, which was the top bunk, meaning there was no easy escape when they started rocking back and forth with their eyelids half up and twitching and making scary noises in the middle of the night one time. I just stared at them wide-eyed and debating whether to wait for them to stop or actually touch them to turn them upside down for a reset.

I forget which I did or whether my brother woke up and heard their possessed noises or if he was just scared of them anyway, but either way, he was in no way bothered by me storing them inside a cabinet from then on. I believe I still took them out to play with sometimes when I wasn't sleeping, despite their possessedness and despite the fact that they clearly had a taste for human flesh - they loved to gnaw on my index finger. Years later when I'd started high school, I found them in that cabinet and brought them out to show him. We were such horror movie tropes. I was like, "Should I turn them upside down? Should I wake them up? I'm totally gonna do it!" and he was all, "NO! Don't do it! WS, it's a bad idea! Don't do it!!!" I did it. It was anticlimactic: the batteries had gone dead in the intervening years. I still consider popping new ones in and seeing what happens because I am totally the fool who lights the black flame candle and brings the witches back from the dead to eat all the children.

I think the eyes that are computer screens, other than that they can probably glow all freaky-like, have less potential for being scary because they can't do that half-open, only the whites showing, demonic twitchy thing.

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