The last time my hair was tailbone length, I put in zero effort with it because I was a child and it always looked decent to good. This time, it's like it's a screaming baby and I'm like WTF DO YOU WANT WHY ARE YOU HERE. Straightening obviously works. Putting it back in a braid of course has predictable results, and if I can remember to wear it out after that first day, I like the waves it gets. My natural texture, though? We're not even speaking anymore. It's actively spiteful, too - like when I tried KCKT and KCCC and I had a few isolated curls so happy that they actually went up to the root (have I mentioned how long my hair is?!) but all the rest was angry cotton candy.

KCCC does this weird thing with my hair where it makes it dry much quicker than normal, which is the opposite of what pretty much everyone says it does. It also made my hair feel kinda rough. I need to check how long I've had it - if I can't still return it, IDK what I'll do with it. KCKT, however, is an awesome detangler - but only if I use it as a rinse-out and do the detangling while I'm rinsing it out. I don't even know. It's way too light for a rinse-out instead of just a detangling step (IMO), but I've been bad and just used it alone and then popped more in as a leave-in because I really need to go buy some conditioner. It hates me anyway...

I need to work up the motivation to DC. I have 16 oz of coconut oil just waiting for me to use it.

I refuse to cut off all my hair without having gotten to know it at this length, but I must say, how fun would it be to all of a sudden cut off three feet and come out with a chin-length bob and freak everyone out? I want to try having hair that short once I'm done having it long. Maybe the transition will end up being that severe after all and I'll lol at the world. If I needed another reason not to cut it right now, there it is: I need as many people as possible to be able to notice and freak out if/when I do that.

This has been a hair rant on the nonhair forum. Long hair don't care.

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