I absolutely do not want to complain about a single thing when we just had a natural disaster and lives and homes were lost.

BUT, I quit my waitressing job last week after being offered a well-paying retail job with a pretty good hourly wage. I was starting a week ago and working at the restaurant the rest of the days.

The manager called me the day before the storm and said, obviously, "We're not opened tomorrow because of the hurricane...we'll call you when we have decided on a new orientation date."

Since EVERYTHING was closed around here, I clearly didn't work at the restaurant either and haven't heard back from the store yet. I lost a lot of pay and I'm just a little nervous that my retail job has just fallen through somehow. I know the actual plaza I'm working in wasn't physically impacted much, and I have no idea what could have happened to the staff, and OF COURSE, I hope they're all okay and their homes are okay and this is NOT ABOUT ME.

But, I am a little nervous. I just want to know for sure that I have a job. I'm having money problems and I never, ever would have quit a job without already having one first.

End rant.