Hello one hello all!

I'm very excited that I stumbled across this site! I have many questions for who ever has the answers!

I have a 3b curly hair(I believe) and have been trying for the last 2 years or so to get my curls into great health. I have stopped using commercials gels of all kinds, it really fried my hair

I wash my hair probably every few days, I must admit I am a lost puppy on the right products to use on my hair, BUT I try my hardest to get the right stuff for my curls. I also have bad dry scalp, and was looking for guidance.

What products do you guys recommend? For both the dryness of my scalp and keeping my curls moisturized? How often should I wash my hair? Conditioners? Leave ins? home remedies?

To make a long story short lol

Please guide me into the right direction to healthy shiney non dry curly hair!