I have 2c hair type -- So I believe. I have been suffering for months from large rat nest knots that magically appear out of no where and turning my hair into a hot mess. I was told by one hair dresser it was because I needed a hair cut, yet when I got my hair cut, my hair continued to knot up. I went to a Devacurl hair specialist, and she told me I needed more moisture -- Great. So I proceeded at add more moisture to my hair, yet when I go to comb it out it still proceeds to be a big mess of a blob of hair.

Today after I put Deep conditioner in my hair, I let it sit for quite some time before I tried to comb it out. Yes, it was still a big blob, and right then and there I almost took the scissors to my hair and lopped it all off.

I love my hair, but enough is enough.

What am I doing wrong? After I combed my hair today, I put more deep conditioner in it, and let ti sit. I intend on washing it out again in 30 minutes.