I had a craving for some pistachio macaroons (one of the few really sweet things that I can abide). I saw that local tourist trap Mike's Pastry miraculously had no line, and since I've read that the pistachio macaroons are one of the few worthwhile things, I thought I'd try them instead of Modern's (which I had and liked some time ago). They're alright, but I think Modern's taste more of pistachio and have less of an alarming green shade.
While I was in there, I saw something that made me shudder --- strawberry cannoli. Why does this exist? It's got a terrifying pink color, the cream dropping out the ends. Fake color, no doubt fake strawberry flavor (as I could discern not a single actual strawberry), why? WHY?
Also, I think all cannoli around here is meh. I had Modern's and Maria's, both of which people laud as the best around. Both too sweet. I think I only like cannoli from certain pastry chefs or when I make it. Italian pastries suffer from sugar overload far too often, hence why French patisserie is king (though especially in the hands of Japanese patissiers).

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