The only product I'm not familiar with is the Rusk Detangling Cream- have you verified that it's silicone free? If your hair soaks up products, especially heavier products like oils or butters it sounds more like a higher porosity. But just in case it is low-porosity, my one suggestion would be to use heat for your DTs to help your hair better absorb the moisture.

Have you tried sealing with an oil after applying your leave-in? People have lots of different favorite oils for sealing- my personal favorite is one of the more controversial ones- I apply baby oil to my underlayer, which is where oil tend to have the most issues with tangling. This one step has made a huge difference for me.

I suspect that you will also need to continue working on finding the right protein/moisture balance, but it could be that you need more of both (my hair absorbs moisture best when it's got lots of protein as well). Hair that it fine in texture and/or higher in porosity tends to like protein, although some hair might be picky about the specific types it likes. You might also want to try some other products besides Deva- I like Deva products, but I know they can cause problems for some people. A great moisturizing conditioner you can try is GVP Conditioning Balm from Sally's. For extra slip, add a bit of oil.

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