Saria could probably be my spokesperson because I keep agreeing with everything she says (exception: things I know nothing about). Related: My esophagus only dares defy me because it knows I can't be sending my own organs to the mines to lie there uselessly collecting rock dust - the fiend is taking advantage! And I stay mad at science for inventing city-killing bombs nearly a century ago and still not getting on the lack of teleportation issue.
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No, it's the other way around because you're far more amusing and better with words!

Scientists. What flops! Clearly they need a world ruler to tell them where their priorities should lie.

Comic writers can be complete asshats and so can the rest of the media for all their constant depictions of this ridiculous woman-berates-man-for-holding-open-door scenario that they claim is common despite making no sense whatsoever in a real life context. At least anywhere I've lived, everyone regardless of gender holds the door open for the next person or they have committed a noticeable social transgression. GTFOH with your societal niceguyism.
Speak for yourself ---- when I see someone behind me I actually do everything possible to slam the door in their face, especially if it's a man, because misandry and plus I was raised by wolves so what is this being courteous business?

I continue to have no effing clue what it's supposed to mean to "take advantage" of time you have with someone before they die. In the context of someone you have ever had frequent and/or extended interactions with, yes. In this one, no. I have no clue what to do, no trite little "just enjoy his company" is going to make even a lick of sense considering the silence feedback loop we work ourselves into, and I just don't see how my awkward physical presence is helping anyone in any way. Plus he's always been so impressed by my intelligence and says he's not on my level but I disagree, he SO is, and I keep feeling like I should say something smart but I don't know WTF I keep doing for people to call me smart in the first place so I don't know how to say something smart, and I'm not doing anything awesome and I won't be changing the world soon enough for him to see it so am I not living up to his high opinion of me? It's not fair. It makes me so upset and I can't do anything about it.
People call you smart because you totally are. That doesn't mean you have control over everything around you, so this pressure and feeling of not living up to the brain that you are is completely unnecessary.

Also, your brain is obviously following your esophagus's lead. These organs, they need to be shown who's boss!

Oh, and I must admit to being both awestruck and horrified that you pulled your own teeth out.

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