One of my FB friends commented on one of his friends' status about an aunt who threw out his 92-year-old grandmother's absentee ballot to keep democrat-voting grandma from voting for the black guy. Trying to keep people from voting is just really popular with the conservatives, it seems.
Originally Posted by Saria
But why?

If Romney wins I'm just waiting to see all the racist things that people are going to say.

I can see it now.

Actually either way its going to be a racist fest.

But if Romney wins they'll be on this empowered racist high and theyre just gonna go all super racist on everyone. actually I should stay inside I might get beat or worse since they wanna move backwards and all.
Originally Posted by murrrcat
(Not that I agree with this) almost every black person I know told me that Romney looks like he says n***er a lot.

I thought it was hilarious but now I'm wondering if they could be onto something...

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