Are the freakouts over a black man playing James Bond or another spy? I'll can just google this but I should not be awake and I'm like OMG not another thing to do I'll fall down the rabbit hole that leads to the center of the earth somehow. Heatproof super bunny.

Been watching lacigreen videos. So, my ideas about hymens have apparently been chock full of cognitive dissonance. I knew, of course, that the hymen is a stretchable membrane and for some people having sex for the first time doesn't involve tearing it because it's been stretched by tampons, sports, etc. What I never considered? That you could and should stretch it out a bit deliberately so as not to have your hymen tear the first time. Really, social conditioning? Not cool. I don't like when you pop up random places trying to make my life more difficult. It's not like I'll be having sex any time soon, but come on, it's like you were trying to cause me physical pain when I do! I thought you were only into the emotional kind.

...It's a siggie.