Wow sounds like a lot of stuff! Cincinnati sounds like an ass. I've communicated with guys like that and fortunately they showed that side before I met up with them. It's an instant turnoff and I usually end up ignoring the person forever.
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And the funny thing is he honestly has no idea. He thinks his behavior is perfectly normal and easy to deal with.

I guess I didn't explain the main misunderstanding that led to the finale. So I will now. tell me what you think...LOL

So when he initially asked me for a second date, it was two weeks before the date was to take place. He would be driving to Columbus for business and he said he would be done w/ his business obligation by 7pm. So in my mind, for the two weeks leading up to the date, I was anticpating meeting him around 7pm. (I'm free only every other wknd so on my free wknds, I need to cram a lot into them and I have to kind of plan my wknds ahead so there is not a lot of wasted time.)

So the night before the date, I just wanted to double check about the time, and I texted him, asking when he would be free...would it still be 7 pm? And he texted back "4 pm."

Well, I was kinda frustrated by that bc that was going to throw all of my wknd plans off. I was out w/ a friend at the time he texted that so I couldn't call him. And I needed some time to think about how I was going to rejuggle all of my errands, etc.

So the next morning, I texted him back and told him I would meet him at 5:30 at a certain huge destination w/ lots to do. I thought that was a fair compromise, as I had been anticipating meeting him at 7 all along.

He never said OK or not, so I just assumed 5:30 was ok. I figured he might even enjoy the hour and a half to himself and so he wouldn't have to rush to the meeting place...maybe he could check out the bookstore, shop, window shop, get a snack, whatever.

So at 4:00 he starts texting me asking me for directions to where the place is where I want to meet. (Why can't he just google or gps it?) And there is a lot of back and forth and miscommunication and I can sense in the messages that he is getting stressed out. At 4:15, he asks me how much longer I'm going to be.

And I'm like what? I will be at least an hour. And he gets furious...starts typing in all caps and using exclamation points. Like wtf, right?

So I decide to call him, instead of texting (which of course slows me down even more). And he is shouting and tantrumming about how he is starving and will pass out if he doesn't eat something and he has been waiting for me for "hours," spending time in a grocery store and wandering the streets and getting lost.

And I am like look, "I told you we could meet at 5:30. I'm sorry you got free at 4:00 but that is not my problem and I cannot plan my entire wknd around your schedule."

And then he came back at me w/, "you should have told me you were too busy to see me and we could have rescheduled."

And I was all like, "I wouldn't have been too busy at 7, as we had originally planned. And I won't be too busy at 5:30, bc I rearranged my schedule."

And then he was all like, "how do I know what is going on in your life.? You never told me what you had scheduled."

And I was like, "I don't need to. All I need to tell you is that I will meet you at 5:30."

And then he was like, "I'm going to go eat now. We'll just have to do dinner some other time. Maybe we can catch a movie after I'm done eating."

And it pretty much went left after that point. LOL

Too bad about army
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I know. He's such a sweetie.

and sucks about the ex. So the only issue is that the divorce was taking so long. I'm assuming it really is taking that long and you're trying to get it moving as fast as possible? Or does he think you might be delaying it for whatever reason?
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He is mad the divorce is taking too long AND he is mad bc he thinks I'm delaying it to come out better financially AND he is mad bc he thinks I'm delaying it bc I am still in love w my exhusband AND he is mad bc he thinks I'm delaying it bc I am playing mind games w/ my exhusband AND he thinks I'm delaying it bc I haven't paid my atty AND he is mad bc he thinks I purposely lied to him about when then it would be finalized AND he thinks I don't appreciate him AND he thinks I wouldn't raise my kids to respect him AND he is mad bc I have a smart mouth...on and on. All of which is untrue...except maybe the that I have a smart mouth. LOL

But OMG how I LOVE that man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never felt this way about anyone. Ever! We just cannot get along. I think he wanted to start something back up this wknd...and then I stupidly said the wrong thing and he got mad and it turned into a whole big mess. Ugh.