Along with Corrina's suggestion for checking dew points, I can try all this - good idea.

Right now I don't have a system. I have to say my hair does not get slip from many things except KCKT and a few others so I rarely cowash. Plus I always feel like I have build-up and I often use Skinny Suds by Botticelli Botanicals or Castille Oil (baby) - every so often I do a prell wash just to clarify.

But I can try this. I just don't know what condish or LI I'd use since NOTHING IS WORKING and I'm afraid my hair is reacting to everything -

At least I'm positive I can't use protein but I'm still not sure about coconut, panthenol, glycerin and aloe, so I basically am afraid to even try!

Sorry, i know its so frustrating sometimes. First, I would suggest clarifying. Just use a simple bs wash and ACV rinse.

What are you using to wash and condition with? Sorry if I missed it; read through twice and didn't recognize a wash or RO.

Are you sure you are normal porosity? Consider utilizing a couple of low-po techniques and see if that helps. For example, use warm water or bs to open the cuticles, apply conditioner, cover with shower cap and run warm water over it. Leave it on for a few minutes then rinse hair with warm water. (And ACV if you used bs.) Also, use more leave-in if you are in a climate that has become dry/cold for winter - someone suggested that to me a few weeks ago and if made a huge difference. (I use KCKT as well and had to double the amount.)
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3b/fine/normal porosity/normal elasticity

LOVES behentrimonium methosulfate
(don't ask me to pronounce that!)

Want to grow it long again!
And simply want to figure out this hair of mine!