So....still bleeding. Follow up appt next Monday. Dr mentioned Lupron to stop the bleeding for a few months and we could maybe try ablation again. Side effects for that look horrendous! The fibroid surgery I don't think could be laparoscopic cause of the size of them. The hysterectomy could it looks like the recovery from fibroid surgery would be worse...and will most likely not be permanent cause of my age. If I can stay on NuvaRing and progesterone a bit longer...I can push the surgery back to Presidents' Day in feb. With weekends and all I'd have abt 17 days recover time. Any thoughts?
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How is a laproscopic hysterectomy possible but not a laproscopic fibroidectomy is? Can you explain that?

I understand any kind of laproscopic hysterectomy is supposed to get you 4 weeks off work. (Longer for old fashioned abdominal incision.) Is it absolutely necessary you go back so soon? Will your surgeon go along w/ such a short recovery?

Is a laproscopic-assisted vaginal procedure a possibility?

Where do you live? Are there any boardies near you? Is your family totally unabe to help? Can you get one friend per day to stop by?

I know the new guy is offerring to help. And that is awesome. But try to have a back up plan and someone he can alternate with.
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I think it may have something to do with the size of the they grow back. If my drs sole reason for giving me options to save fertility than I guess my choice is made.

And abt keeping the cervix I was reading in that...sometimes bladder prolapse with cervix...they question whether it could affect ur sex drive if u get it out...and I think u still have mini periods. I'm gonna talk to dr abt that too...cause I do have hpv....I wonder if he recommends getting that taken too. I have pretty strong pc muscles...lots of kegals. So that may help too I think.
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But if they can remove the uterus wit the big fibroids laproscopically, then why can't they remove the big fibroids alone laproscopically?

Unless it has to do w/ excessive blood loss when they cut the fibroids up?

I guess fibroids are bloodier to cut up than a uterus?