My husband and I been ttc for last two years. We decided to go to the doctor and get checked.My doctor first told me to lose weight and see could we conceive,don't matter what I did(I ate right,exercised morning and night-time)nothing worked so he gave me clomid to see if it would work.One month of medication,it worked and I miscarried and had to have an DnC on Dec 23,2012. I then fell into a deep depression and stopped trying.I was then put on birth control to regulate my cycle and it worked,my cycle came on the 7th of Sept and Oct.I went to the doctor to get back on my depression medication and he checked my heart and thyroid levels.My thyroid level was 4.5 and was put on medication(levothyroxine 50mg) to help me.He explained that's why I miscarried,had irregular cycles,nails was so then,hair was coming out,and I had no bowel movements or if I did,it was so hard (tmi),many other things had to do with this. So now I'm just sitting here praying and hoping for a lil one!! Has anyone gone through this and been successful? I'm trying to hard to hold on but I feel myself silpping.Why is this so hard?My weight has gone down since I been on da medication and I notice change but this month,I got a cycle,it was on the 1st of Nov. I just want to be healthy and have a healthy baby.Has anyone else had problems are similar stories??