I need to cover my grays, too. I just couldn't use chemicals anymore. I did try Robert Craig, and it seemed gentler, but I didn't stick with it long enough to see if there was any long-term damage because I found that it faded from my gray quite quickly.

I honestly don't know of any solution other than henna or some type of vegetable dye. All I know is that when I stopped the chem coloring, my hair was completely different within a couple of months.

Anyway, I do color my hair - I used to use redken but now I used some italian brand - oh, framesi - it's a semi or demi permanent -

It's to cover grays, and it used to always make my hair feel AMAZING after, to be honest - though the last couple times, not so much.

Should I stop coloring?

How do I cover grays? I don't want my hair to be reddish (otherwise I'd use henna).

Also, I really never know how often I should poo and what my routine should be - basically I wash every other day and I do a poo and then condish and then rinse that out and do either that as a LI with a styler or a different LI with a styler. Is that normal? Should I be doing something different?
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2C/3A, fine, higher porosity.