I saw this in the Sunday ad and was so excited to try it. Like you, I didn't find much online about this new product. Of course, I went out and got it that day. I used it for the first time yesterday.

I found the shampoo to be just ok. I don't usually do well with low poos but I seem to keep giving them a chance anyway. I seem to do better using a regular no silicone shampoo (V05) once a week than a low poo a few times a week. The conditioner was pretty good. I could tell that this would be very moisturizing for many but it just didn't give me that slip that I look for. It was very thick. I used it as a rinse out and also as a leave in. I found that my hair was very dry by the end of the day - I think that this was from the protein. I would typically give a new product a couple of uses before I give up on them but I'm scared to try this again because of how dry my hair ended up. This morning I felt the need to wash with my no silicone sulfate shampoo to clarify then I used the Curly Kinks Deep Conditioner and the Curly Kinks leave in, followed by Jessicurl oil blend and HESMU gel - much better!

I really wanted to like these but sadly they are either going back or I will use the shampoo on my dogs and the conditioner to shave with.
CO Wash: VO5 Clarifying Conditioners
Conditioner: Curly Kinks Deep Conditioner and Leave-In
Styling: Still searching but currently using HESMU

2A, Medium Texture, Normal Porosity