Hi curlies,

M newbie.found this amazing site finally!!
I have mix of 2b 2a hair.I guess it's low porosity medium coarse hair.I just use hot oil treatment once a week and wash and condition once a week.I want to put some leave in conditioners the 3rd or 4th day,I tried cantu's Shea butter but somehow my hair doesn't like it.Please suggest me some affordable leave ins.
And also I want to get 3a curls from root to ends.I tried many heatless curling methods which dint work anyway.For example I tried snakebraid method all over my head which resulted in frizzy poofy(voluminous) undefined curls and some strands just poof up and frizz
Is there any method which solves this condition.Please help curlies.love all ur beautiful curls here!!!