I wonder why everyone is saying Obama is so great for women... What has he done for us? Thrown us a bone with birth control? Yeah, I got a letter from my ins company telling me I'd be eligibible for free services - HIV screening, birth control, sterilization?? This is crazy. Who is going to pay for all of this? I know, it's me, in higher ins premiums. Just another thing to put on China's tab. I'm kind of thinking now that this is Obama's plan - make us as much like China as possible so when China takes us over, it will be a smooth transition. The population control measures, I'll admit, are needed, esp with a population like this one.

I guess Americans really are this stupid. I guess the average black American loves 14% unemployment and whatever freebies she can get. Well, I already KNEW that. It makes me sick. This was a chance at something better, for all of us. I'm more unhappy about this than I thought I would be. I get that I'm more intelligent than most Americans; I know more about economics and bankruptcy (auto bailouts) than the average American, but, this information is out there for all to see. Well, people will find out sooner than later when this country totally collapses. Won't tell you I told you so. Our business is already feeling the hit.

If you think you like the idea of socialism, look at most of Europe and your friend, Canada. Canadians act like they do it so much better when the truth is, they're worse off than we are. Look at its debt structure. Speaking of the 53%, some of the wealthiest of this country (whom I'm sure many of you think nothing of) are predicting this country will be bought like a cheap parcel of land. If you like socialism, get ready for communism. Romney was right about getting tough with China; Obama's smooth talk will only get him so far. All of those sitting on social programs will find out really quick-like what they're going to have to do to survive in this world. For most of us, it will be modern-day slavery. Think it won't happen? Guess again...

The pow-wow princess even got in? Only a Democrat can lie about her race to get affirmative action, and, not only get away with it, but be elected to public office. And, Jesse Jackson Jr. won re-election sitting in the friggin Mayo Clinic. This country is going to pot, literally. It's not going to know what hit it when this all comes down. SMDH.