Knotty-Maddy, I just answered in your thread about hold. Now that I read the post above, I have something to add about your problem with hold (don't know if this will help with OP's frizz and don't want to hijack this thread.) When I used a Denman brush, my curl feel out during the day. It wasn't a problem for me any other time. Since I've come on to and learned how to take care of my hair, my curl pattern has become stronger and I don't need hold.

Every so often, I'd try the Denman brush--and that day, my hair would start out well and then the curl would loosen throughout the day. Had to stop myself from trying to use the brush--so I gave it to my neighbor. Never had a problem with hold after I did that.

To the OP. How you handle your hair has a lot to do with subsequent frizz. I learned that from the DVD in the CG book. If you handle your hair gently, it will reduce the frizz. On the DVD, they use a method that's similar to the "ice queen" method for conditioning/applying product. You may want to try that one.
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