I believe some people give Kinky Curly a bad rap due to user error. I have cocktailed KCCC with ILoveMyFro Shea butter whip, used Shea Moisture Curl & Style milk under it, used As I Am leave-in under it, used Cantu hair lotion under it, and have used it on 2nd day hair with another product used initially and STILL got GREAT results with none of the "white" hair or "white balls" people have posted about and I have gotten 5 day hair with it When it dries stiff, I just mist my hair with Shea Moisture Hold and Shine mist and it softens up.

I really believe people have given than product a bad rap it does not deserve. KCCC is a GEL. It supposed to be a firm hold. User error should NOT be the basis of giving a product a bad review. It confuses people who are newly natural and that's not right.

The only gel I've used that don't hold firm is Eco Styler and its a joke. I may as well use grease and water.