So i am in week 3 of cg method. Before this is washed with sulphate shampoos, used silicones and regularly straightened! This is a BIG change for me!

Last week i managed a decent look but my hair seems to be gradually losing curl and looking a little sad.

I have been co- washing with tres emme naturals twice a week, using this as a leave in too then using tigi curls ock amolifier for definition. I plop with a cotton sheet for about half an hour and then air dry without touching (hardest thing ever!!) and basically hope for the best! I find i still have a frizzy hue around my hair but not nearly as bad as used to be, but the top layer is not holding much curl and just looks frizxy and limp. The underneath had lovely barrel-like curls which became shinier than usual but have now gone straight?

I dont know where i'm going wrong but i'm feeling a bit ugly right now!! I'm in the UK o many of the products discussed aren't available here. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!! I am very confused!!!

I think i'm 2c, medium-coarse, high density, high porosity. I think....