thanks knotty-maddy a ton..
I read the hairtype here guess m right about my hair..but not knowing whether it hates protein or loves it..I only use coconut oil once a week ,massage and rwash and rinse it...apply some curl defining cream and thats it..m happy on that day about my hair.
My second day waves are also not bad.without applying any products..but slowly on 3rd and 4th gets little frizz and gets dry.I feel like applying some oil but it makes my hair greasy.So I dont use it..But recently I tried cantu's shea butter on 4th day hair.I applied on sligntly damp hair which make my hair fall badly ie my hair doesnt like mix of water with oil.So m unable to understand what shud be done to moisturize it on 3rd or 4th day too..
And in my country ppl just use coconut oil,etc to moisturize it.So I am not aware of all these things.I used to hate my hairstyle before since always braid or just pull some upper strands and bobby pin it to stop flyaways.But discovered this helpful site for curlies out there.And now since I have a toddler its little difficult for me to wash my hair often care routine after wash.

And really thanks for knotty-maddy..U were soo polite for newbies like me...