According to Bill O' Reilly, "The White establishment is now a minority". But before you break out the violins...Christie 2016 to all my GOP folks. Mark my words, He's going to slim down & run for President. He may even get my vote.

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Sis, get out of my head! I have been telling people this! Christie will run in 2016. Paul Ryan was never the first pick, but he is what Romeny got bc Christie was not going to throw his chances away. I don't know if he can run again for NJ Gov and maybe he should not because he would need to compromise on core policies. NJEA is pissed with him and I would not be surprised if they garnered labor against him if he chose to run again.
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A Talk To Teachers
one of the paradoxes of education [is] that precisely at the point when you begin to develop a conscience, you must find yourself at war with your society. It is your responsibility to change society

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