Hello fellow 2A'ers! My hair is very fine, fly-away and w/out product, lifeless. I had a hair routine all mapped out til the weather change....now it's gone haywire again. I need more moisture but then get too much so I need protein treatments too. I enjoy being cg and my hair has been the healthiest it's ever been but you most def have to give it time and be patient. I use thickening mousse but also switch it up with biotera gel and curl cream. Seem to rotate them out on a wkly basis lol. I enjoy being a wavy. We have the most versatile hair for sure. We can gel, scrunch and diffuse for more curls/body or straighten at will.
2b, fine, thin, mod cg
loves protein!
Currently using:
cowash: vo5 tea therapy
r/o: biotera volumizing condish, gvp cb
l/i: biotera leave-in
styling: biotera styling gel, curl cream, btz thick enuff cream/mousse
winter styling: btz thick enuff mousse, got2b curling mousse, kenra texturizing putty