After almost 2 years of completely natural products and routines I finally decided which conditioner and shampoo I will use to start back on cones.

The cone free method has been more damaging to my hair than anything simply because the products just don't add enough creaminess and slipperiness that my long curls need to stay tangle free and moisturized.

I can always add extra coconut oil and vitamins to the products but I have chosen to go back to cones using the Herbal Essence Honey I'm Strong system:
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The conditioner was $7 and the shampoo was $7 at Walmart but they are 33.8 Fl Oz each.

I'm approaching my 3 years of my 10 year hair growth challenge starting with a skin bald head and I don't think I will be able to make it with luxurious hair if I don't add that extra slip (cones) back to my routine.

My 3rd year will be in march 2013. The longest part of my hair currently measures 22-23 inches but I've had 2 setbacks from the natural products not adding enough slip so I had to cut hair off while detangling my curls which means my hair could be longer by now even though it is down to my waist after only 2.5 years.

I still might use the Tresemme naturals conditioner as a treatment every other day or something like that.

I can't remember the last time I used regular shampoo so this is going to be nerve wrecking but I will find a way. Maybe I will need to still only shampoo my scalp and let it rinse out through the hair. My only problem is why the heck are there cones in the shampoo?

I already found out there is sodium hydroxide in the conditioner as a PH balancer but I only hope this junk doesn't start smelling like perm in my hair.

Does anybody use this as their leave-in conditioner?? I will try it that way and update this thread on the results. I usually start with dripping wet hair and load buckets of Tresemme naturals in and let it air dry. I will use this new conditioner the same way but my guess is I won't have to use that much because of the cones (halfway down the ingredient list)

If anybody else uses this shampoo and conditioner and has tips then let me know. I also grabbed these 2 large clamps so that I can learn to take care of my hair in sections. I usually just treat it as 1 big unit never really sectioning it but its too long and takes forever to work with that way.

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